Playcraft Deluxe Shuffleboard Weights, Set of 8 (4 Red, 4 Blue)

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Customer Reviews

Let's face it, shuffleboard weights are cool and if you've got a family, chances are they can find all kinds of things to do with them that don't have anything to do with actually playing the game. Fortunately, that's why at Shuffleboard City, we provide you with replacement options. Our beautiful Deluxe Shuffleboard Weights by Playcraft come in sets of eight, with four in blue and four in red. These great looking 2 1/8" chrome plated weights are seventeen grams and ideal for your 15" wide home shuffleboard table. These are the pucks that come standard with your Woodbridge, Coventry or Georgetown shuffleboard tables by Playcraft but they can work on any shuffleboard table that has a 15" wide playing field. In addition to serving as replacement pucks for those times that some of yours go missing, you may want to have several sets on hand in case you want to play with a larger group. When you have a home shuffle board table, the chances of having more than two people wanting to play are greatly increased when you're having a party or family gathering. By having more than one set of weights you can adapt the game and have teams or several single players. Even if you're only going to have two players at a time, you want to make sure you've got a full set and one never knows when one of your pucks can just disappear into the proverbial ether. That's why having a backup set or two for replacements just makes sense. Make sure the family fun you're planning for your next gathering doesn't fall flat because you don't have enough Deluxe Shuffleboard Weights by Playcraft to play with, and get a new set of eight today.

Features & Specifications

  • Set of 8 shuffleboard weights-4 red and 4 Blue
  • 2 1/8" stainless steel
  • 17 grams
  • Comes standard with Woodbridge, Coventry and Georgetown Shuffleboards
  • Recommended for 15" wide playfields

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