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Shuffleboard Table Covers (Lowest Prices)

Shuffleboard Table Covers Ship for FreeShuffleboard City carries a selection of shuffleboard table covers that protect your shuffleboard from exposure to dust and light in between games. Our covers are made to suit just about all shuffleboard lengths - we carry 9 ft shuffleboard table covers up to 22 ft covers. Your shuffleboard table is an investment that should last you for years. You will want to make sure to take proper care of it by regularly using a protective shuffleboard table cover.

Everything You Should Know About Shuffleboard Table Covers

For proper maintenance, use shuffleboard wax and a shuffleboard table coverShuffleboard tables are made of wood and can be susceptible to the elements. In addition to using climatic adjustors regularly to keep your surface in proper shape, you will also want to use a shuffleboard table cover to keep dust and light off the surface of the table. It's important to keep the playing surface dust free to allow the pucks to slide properly down the tabletop during game play and to prevent unnecessary wear. In addition to using shuffleboard wax before games, after games you will want to make sure to use your shuffleboard cover.

Hathaway Shuffleboard Table Covers for SaleWhen shopping for a shuffleboard table cover for sale, consider the brand of shuffleboard table you have. Our table covers are made by Hathaway and Playcraft. Both companies are respected names in the shuffleboard industry. Hathaway, based in Illinois, is known for the perfect combination of a quality product and a good price. Their shuffleboard table covers are best suited for Hathaway tables and are available to fit 9 ft to 14 ft shuffleboards.

Playcraft Shuffleboard Table Covers for SalePlaycraft has over 40 years of experience making game tables, and their products are known for being highly popular. Headquartered in Woodbridge, Connecticut, the company has gained a high level of knowledge and skill for crafting shuffleboard tables and accessories, including scoreboards and shuffleboard bowling pins. We carry Playcraft 9 ft shuffleboard table covers all the way up to 22 ft shuffleboard covers.

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