18 Foot Shuffleboard Tables for Sale: Discounted Price

Discounted 18 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

Best Selection of 18 Foot Shuffleboard TablesIf you're looking for a large shuffleboard table, but the regulation 22 feet just won't fit in your home, an 18 foot shuffleboard table (or a 16 foot shuffleboard table) is the perfect solution. This length still allows players to hone their skills and challenge themselves with making difficult shots all the way down the playing surface. Peruse our selection of high quality, discount shuffleboard tables and prepare to play game after game. Shuffleboard City carries multiple different models of 18 foot shuffleboard tables to allow you to select the one that will match perfectly with the style of your home. 

Everything You Should Know about 18 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

Playcraft 18 Foot Shuffleboard TableIt's important to make sure you have the right amount of space for an 18 foot shuffleboard table. Measure the space you have available to ensure that there is enough room for the table and a couple feet of space around the ends and sides. This space is important so players can move and play comfortably. Once you have confirmed that an 18 foot shuffleboard table is right for you, you will also want to consider brand, style, and how you want to use your shuffleboard - at home or at your business.

Our 18 foot shuffleboard tables are manufactured by two well known companies: Playcraft and Venture. Playcraft shuffleboard tables are extremely popular. Playcraft, located in Connecticut, has been in the game table business for over 40 years and applies the level of skill gained in that time to build tables that last.

Venture: High Quality 18 Foot Shuffleboard TablesVenture shuffleboard tables are crafted in Georgia. Each Venture 18 foot shuffleboard table has a butcher block playing surface that is covered by a manufacturer Lifetime Warranty. This family-owned company's tables are of the highest quality.

Shuffleboard City has 18 foot shuffleboard tables in multiple styles and wood stains. Scroll through our selection to see which one matches your personal style. You will also want to select a table that suits your purposes. Is the table for use in your home or at your business? The Venture 18' Classic CoinOp is specially 

Use Climatic Adjustors to maintain your 18 Foot Shuffleboard Tabledesigned for commercial use. This coin-operated table is well worth it, as it both entertains your patrons and serves as a source of income.

Whatever length, brand, and model you select, you will want to make sure you properly maintain your shuffleboard table. Make sure to use the climatic adjustors, and shuffleboard wax that will be included with your table. The climatic adjustors help you keep your table's playing surface in perfect playing condition. For more information about shuffleboard table maintenance, visit our Buyer's Guide.