High-Grade 20 Foot Shuffleboard Tables for Sale

20 Foot Shuffleboard Tables (Lowest Prices)

Best Selection of 20 Foot Shuffleboard Tables for SaleJust a step down in length from a regulation sized 22 ft shuffleboard table, our wide selection of 20 foot shuffleboard tables for sale will suit both recreational and competitive players. Shuffleboard City also has 20 foot home tables as well as commercial shuffleboard tables. Our tables are available in a range of styles and beautiful wood stains. Whatever your needs regarding a 20 foot shuffleboard table, we have the selection to fit them.

Everything You Should Know About 20 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

Our 20 foot shuffleboard tables are crafted by Venture - a family owned company with years of experience building high quality game tables. Venture is located in Georgia, and each of their shuffleboard tables is made in the US. Not only are they American made, each table is made with a butcher block playing surface that is covered by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Venture home and commercial shuffleboard tables also ship with a complete set of shuffleboard weights, shuffleboard wax, and how to play information.




When deciding on a 20 foot shuffleboard table, you will want to consider the amount of space you have and you will want to know how to maintain your shuffleboard table. To ensure you have the room for the table's 20 foot length, measure out your space. You will want to allow for a couple of feet of space at the ends and along the sides to allow players to move and play comfortably.

Climatic AdjustorsA 20 foot shuffleboard table is an investment, and you will want to take proper care of it. As shuffleboard tables are made of wood, they are susceptible to weather changes. That is why Venture shuffleboard tables come with climatic adjustors. Install the adjustors when you assemble your table, and use them every few weeks to ensure the playing surface stays slightly concave - the perfect shape for the perfect game of shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Wax on an 18 Foot Shuffleboard TableTo protect the playing surface, you will also want to make sure you properly use the shuffleboard wax. This substance helps the pucks to glide down the table without causing too much wear on the surface. Still have questions about our tables? Check out our Buyer's Guide or contact us. Our customer support staff is available to provide information about our products and our hassle-free ordering process.