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Buying a shuffleboard table for your home is an exciting investment that deserves proper preparation. There are several things to consider when you set out to find the right shuffleboard for sale, such as the sizes and accessories available to you. At Shuffleboard City, we want to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for, so you can get the greatest amount of enjoyment out of your new game table.


Buyer's Guide Choice: Hathaway Challenger                                                            Buyer's Guide Choice: Playcraft Woodbridge
 Hathaway Challenger Playcraft Woodbridge

Buyer's Guide Choice: Playcraft Coventry                                                              Buyer's Guide Choice: Venture Williamsburg
Playcraft Coventry  Venture Williamsburg



The size of the table and the amount of space you have available are the first main considerations when searching for the right shuffleboard table for sale. If you are a serious shuffleboard competitor, and intend to use your shuffleboard for tournament play, then you need a regulation sized shuffleboard table. Regulation sized shuffleboard table dimensions are 22 feet long by 20 inches wide.

Playcraft Shuffleboard Table for SaleHowever, not everyone has the space in their home for a table that size. That's why we offer a wide selection of shuffleboard tables, ranging from 7 feet long to 22 feet long. Smaller tables are great for recreational play, and they are especially great for shuffleboard beginners. After all, the longer the table, the more challenging the shot.

When shopping for shuffleboard tables for sale, consider not only the table size you want, but also the table size that will comfortably fit in your home. Measure out your space, and envision yourself playing in the area. You need at least two feet on each end of the table to shoot comfortably. You also need enough space to walk around the table during games.

Shuffleboard Tabletops Ship as One PieceThe shuffleboard tabletops are one large piece of solid wood. You will also need to make sure you will be able to get the board into your space without damaging it (or your home). Consider any staircases and turns through hallways and doorways that that may be in your path when you bring your table to its permanent place. Properly preparing and measuring before buying will save you time and effort later on down the road.


Shuffleboard Tables For Sale Travel By Freight ShippingYou will also want to consider how the size of the shuffleboard table will affect the shipping method. Since they are such large items, all of our shuffleboard tables for sale ship via freight delivery. This is not like UPS or FedEx shipping - freight shipping involves more input from the customer, and it's important to know what to expect.

Before you make your purchase, you should read through the shipping information outlined in our store policies. After you have selected and ordered your shuffleboard table (make sure to pay attention to any lead times listed on the product page), your order will go into processing. Once the table ships out, you will receive tracking information. Unlike with other types of tracking numbers, freight tracking numbers do not show the table's progress to your home. Rather, the table will first be delivered to a freight terminal. 

Shuffleboard Tables Travel Through Freight TerminalsOnce the table arrives at the terminal that is nearest you, the terminal will call you to make an appointment for curbside delivery. It's very important that you are prepared to take that phone call and be present for the agreed upon appointment window. Since the tables are so large, we strongly recommend having two to four people there to help you as the driver is not required to assist - remember, it is curbside delivery.

Some of our Hathaway and Venture shuffleboard tables for sale may automatically include a lift gate upon delivery. A lift gate is a mechanism on the back of the truck that helps lower the freight to the ground. Hathaway and Venture cannot guarantee the lift gate, however, as some trucks are not equipped with it, so be prepared to offload the table from the back of the truck. If you are purchasing a Playcraft shuffleboard table, you have the option of selecting whether or not you would like the lift gate service included when you place your order.

Once you have the table off the truck, it is important to inspect it. While shipping damage is rare, it can happen, and we want to make sure you are prepared. Read through our delivery policies beforehand. If there is any damage, it is important to note it in detail on the delivery receipt before you sign. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us.


Weights (also known as pucks) are important factors in your shuffleboard game performance. The quality of the weight affects the quality of your shot. At Shuffleboard City, we offer top quality weights for your best indoor shuffleboard game. Weights are made of metal and plastic, and are available in two different sizes: medium and regulation. Regulation pucks are 2 5/16 inches in diameter, and are used on large tables (14 to 22 foot tables) for tournament play. Medium pucks, are 2 1/8 inches in diameter, and are meant for play on smaller shuffleboard tables (7 to 12 feet).

Pucks come in sets of eight, four red pucks and four blue pucks. The weights at Shuffleboard City are made in the USA, and meet Table Shuffleboard Association standards and specifications for tournament play. They are also available with alumicaps. Alumicap tops are made with machined aluminum for a beautiful finish and a smooth-gliding shot.


Shuffleboard for Sale: Hathaway Bowling Pin SetIn addition to the three ways to play shuffleboard, there's more you can do with a shuffleboard table. We carry a selection of accessories on our site that will let you have even more fun with your table. We carry two sets of Shuffleboard Bowling Pins made by Playcraft and Hathaway. The Hathaway Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set comes with a pin rack and a storage case and contains 10 wood bowling pins.

If you are competitive, you will want to make sure you have a scoring system. The Playcraft Hardwood Electronic Shuffleboard Scorer will match up with our Playcraft shuffleboards for sale and allow you to easily declare a winner at the end of the game.


Because your shuffleboard table is made of wood, it is subject to change with the climate and suffer damage from the elements. That's why we recommend that you find a place for your shuffleboard away from direct sunlight. Shuffleboard City carries shuffleboard table covers for some table lengths and models. We also recommend that you keep up with proper maintenance of your indoor shuffleboard table to ensure it lives a long life.

When you first get your table, before you play, make sure to properly clean and wax the playing surface. You can clean it using either a special shuffleboard table cleanser, or your own mix of water, vinegar, and a few drops of olive oil. Next comes the liquid wax. The liquid wax will give your table a nice shine, and help give you a smoother play. Repeat this process about once per month to keep your shuffleboard table shining. Before you begin the game, use a silicone spray and gently buff the area until it shines. Then apply your shuffleboard wax, and play on!

Weather Change Can Affect Your Shuffleboard TableAnother thing to consider is the climate in your area. As weather changes, the wood on your table can change. That's why our shuffleboard tables come complete with climate adjusters. Climate adjusters allow you to simply adjust how convex or concave your playing surface is. We recommend checking your playing surface every few weeks and adjusting as necessary. Most people like their boards to be slightly concave, meaning that the center of the table is slightly lower than the edges of the table, so the pucks won't go easily flying off. 

Assembly instructions for the climatic adjustors will be included with your shuffleboard. For a little extra help, click on the video below to watch a Venture shuffleboard table expert install a set of climatic adjustors.

Still have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact our awesome customer service team. Whether you want to give us a call, write us an email, or chat with us online, we are ready to answer your questions, and will be happy to assist you in purchasing one of our many shuffleboard tables for sale. Also be sure to check out our Shuffleboard Rules page to learn how to play shuffleboard. Start browsing our selection to find the shuffleboard that's right for you!