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Shuffleboard Bowling Pins (Best Prices)

Lowest Prices for Shuffleboard Bowling PinsWith a shuffleboard bowling pin set, you can have even more fun with your shuffleboard table. In addition to the 3 ways to play a game of shuffleboard, you can use your pucks to compete to knock down shuffleboard bowling pins. Our shuffleboard bowling pins are made of quality wood and are manufactured by Playcraft and Hathaway - two respected brands in the shuffleboard industry. Select the Hathaway shuffleboard bowling pins and setter, complete with its convenient storage bag. Or opt for the popular Playcraft Wooden bowling pins, with their traditional bowling pin look.

Everything You Should Know about Shuffleboard Bowling Pins

Playcraft Shuffleboard Bowling SetOur shuffleboard bowling pins are made by Playcraft and Hathaway, two trusted, US based companies. Playcraft is one of the best recognized names in the industry. They have been in the business since 1975 and have fine-tuned their craft in their over 40 years of experience. Hathaway is headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois and is known for their perfect combination of quality and economical pricing.

Hathaway Shuffleboard Bowling Pin SetTo play shuffleboard bowling, set up all of your pins at one end of the shuffleboard table and slide your pucks down the playing surface to knock them over - you can follow the standard bowling rules and scoring system, or you can play as many frames as you want. Our shuffleboard bowling pin sets have 10 wood pins each. They are not the standard bowling pin size. Rather - to give you a challenge - they are much smaller at 4.25 or 4.5 inches tall.

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