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100% Genuine Shuffleboard Scoreboards at Shuffleboard CityWhether you are competitive or just play to have fun, it is important to know how to play and to keep score. You'll need to know when the game ends and to be able to declare a winner. Shuffleboard City has two types of shuffleboard scoreboards. One is a traditional abacus style scoreboard, and the other is an electronic scoreboard. Both are manufactured by Playcraft - a well-known and highly respected brand in the shuffleboard industry. Select the shuffleboard scoreboard for sale that suits your style and play on.

Everything You Should Know about Shuffleboard Scoreboards

Playcraft is a Trusted Shuffleboard Scoreboard ManufacturerOur shuffleboard scoreboards for sale are made by Playcraft. Playcraft™ is a well-known company in the shuffleboard industry. They have been in the game table business since 1975 and operate out of Woodbridge, Connecticut. Playcraft produces high quality shuffleboard products, which are known for their popularity.

Playcraft shuffleboard scoreboards are compatible with all of our Playcraft shuffleboard tables. They install neatly onto the side of the tabletop. Each option is Lowest Prices for Shuffleboard Scoreboardsmanufactured in Woodbridge and is an American shuffleboard scoreboard.

Our shuffleboard scoreboards are also covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee. Our prices are checked against our competitors' to ensure that we have the best deals. For any questions about this guarantee, please contact us. Our customer service staff will be available to answer any questions about our guarantee, our products, or our easy ordering process.