No shuffleboard table is complete without the proper shuffleboard accessories. After all, you can’t play shuffleboard without weights or wax, can you? At Shuffleboard City, we offer a wide range of shuffleboard accessories that will please every shuffleboard table owner. With chrome plated steel shuffleboard pucks, and high quality shuffleboard wax in various speeds, you will be shooting your pucks like you never have before. For those of you serious about competition, we also have shuffleboard scoreboards, and special shuffleboard lights for a properly lit game. All of our shuffleboard accessories are built with the shuffleboard aficionado in mind. Your high-quality shuffleboard table deserves high-quality accessories to match it. That’s why we only offer accessories that would impress even professional shuffleboard competitors. From pucks to bowling pins, we have everything you need to play just like you would in a tournament or in your favorite pub. Browse our selection to find your ideal accessories, and give your custom shuffleboard table the treatment it deserves.