Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Tables for SaleOne of Shuffleboard City's best sellers is the Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table. Playcraft is a game table company that was founded in 1975 - over 40 years ago. While they manufacture a variety of products such as Pool Tables, Ping Pong Tables, and the like, they are best known for their Shuffleboard Tables. Playcraft may be the best recognized brand in the shuffleboard industry. Headquartered in Woodbridge, Connecticut, Playcraft is a US-based company.

The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is the namesake of Playcraft's headquarters location. This highly popular style is available in multiple different lengths from 9 feet to 16 feet and is suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned players. When selecting your table size, make sure to measure your space to ensure there is room for the length of the table as well as a few extra feet around the ends and the sides. 


Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table - Honey OakNot only can you select the best table length for the space you have available, you can also select the color that will match your home decor and your personal style. All available lengths come in your choice of Espresso, Cherry, or Honey Oak finish. If you opt for the 9 or 12 foot shuffleboard, you will be able to choose from those three wood stains as well as a Black finish.

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table - CherryThe Woodbridge has a simple, classic style. The tabletop is supported by two or three legs, depending on the length of the shuffleboard. The outer legs also serve as cabinets to store shuffleboard pucks, wax, and a copy of Playcraft shuffleboard rules, which are all shipped out with the table.

14' Shuffleboard Table Scoring ZonesThe Woodbridge playing surface is a 15" wide solid hardwood butcher block that is coated in 10 layers of polyurethane for a smooth surface that enables shuffleboard pucks to glide down the length of the table and into the scoring zone.

Many of our customers have found that the 16' Woodbridge suits them the best. While the smaller versions (9 feet and 12 feet) have a 1-2-3 scoring system, the Playcraft 16' shuffleboard table allows for a fourth scoring section that can increase the game's level of challenge and raises the number of points players can earn in one frame of play. All table lengths, however, are suitable for the three different sets of rules - Classic Knock Off, Horse Collar, and Crazy Eight - as well as shuffleboard bowling.



Playcraft Georgetown and Coventry

Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table_EspressoOther popular Playcraft models include the Georgetown and the Coventry. The Playcraft Georgetown shuffleboard table is similar in style to the Woodbridge. Differences include the available wood stains, and the Georgetown comes with deluxe hardwood abacus scorers. The Playcraft Coventry shuffleboard table is also well-liked. Its color design and structure is less similar to the Woodbridge than the Georgetown. Available in 9 to 16 foot lengths and three different color, the Coventry has horsecollar ends, slatted legs, and abacus scorers.

Playcraft Accessories

In addition to the Playcraft shuffleboard table itself, there are options for accessories. Playcraft™ makes shuffleboard covers, scoreboards, weights, and bowling pins, all of which are compatible with their tables. If you plan to place your 

Playcraft Electronic Scorertable near a window or other inlet for direct sunlight, you will want a shuffleboard cover. Excessive sunlight on the table can cause fading. A cover will also prevent dust from settling on the playing surface between games.

While the Woodbridge, Georgetown, and Coventry come with their own version of Playcraft Bowling Pins for Salea scoring system, there is the option for an electronic scorer. The electronic scorer is available in four different colors to match the wood stain of your table and allows you to keep score during your game with the press of a button.

You can also play shuffleboard bowling with Playcraft's wooden bowling pins. The set comes with ten pins that can be set up at one end of the table. You can then slide your pucks down the surface to see how many pins you can knock over. The Playcraft wooden pin setter is separate and optional as well.

Ordering and Shipping Your Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Once you have determined which Playcraft shuffleboard table length, model, and color is best for you and which accessories you want, you will be just about prepared to check out. Make sure that you have read and understand the information about shipping and curbside delivery. You will need to be prepared to receive your shuffleboard table.

Shuffleboard Table Delivery by Freight ShippingAll Shuffleboard City tables are delivered via freight shipping, due to their size and weight. The most popular table - the 16' Playcraft Woodbridge shuffleboard table - is approximately 345 pounds. We recommend having three to four people there to help you offload the table. It is also important to remember that the tabletop will ship as one long piece. Be prepared to maneuver it around any corners, turns, and staircases when moving it into your home.

For any questions about our products, the ordering process, shipping, or delivery, contact our customer service staff. They are available Monday through Friday to provide you with the information you need.