Selecting the Best Shuffleboard Table (3 Points to Consider)

Best Shuffleboard Table Length

Ensure you have enough space for your shuffleboard table.The primary consideration to take into account when selecting the best shuffleboard table for you is the size of the table. We carry a large range of shuffleboards, starting at 7 feet long and ending at 22 feet long.

You want to be absolutely sure the table you select will fit into the space in which you intend to install it. Measure the area to ensure the full length of the table as well as a few feet of space around each end and the sides will fit. It's important to have a few feet of space on each end to allow players to move and comfortably make their shots during games. You should also keep in mind that when the shuffleboard table arrives you will need to be able to move it through your house to the space where you will assemble it. As the tabletop ships in one piece, consider any turns, corners, or staircases you will need to get past.

Small Shuffleboard Tables

Hathaway 7 ft Ricochet Shuffleboard Table for SaleIf you are simply looking to play recreationally, a 9 or 12' shuffleboard table will do the trick since the basic rules and objectives will be the same. Smaller shuffleboard tables are also great for kids, so if you have children and host their friends, a 7, 9, or 12 foot table will make the game accessible for them. Our 7 foot table is a bit different; rather than a full shuffleboard table, the 7 foot is a ricochet table with only one scoring range. Not only is the table shorter in length, it is also shorter in height, at a little over 2.5 feet tall - perfect for keeping children entertained. Kids and guests 12' Playcraft Shuffleboard Table for Salewill love learning how to play the game. Remember that besides the classic shuffleboard game, there are other fun rule sets like Horse Collar and Crazy Eight. You can also improvise and create your own rules.

Still, don't forget that the more you use your table, the better you'll get at playing the game, and you might eventually desire more of a challenge. Purchasing a shuffleboard table is an investment, so you really want to buy the best shuffleboard table for you that you'll want to be using years down the road.

Mid-Size and Large Shuffleboard Tables

16' Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table for Sale - Choose your Favorite Color!Mid-size tables may suit those who play recreationally but have a little more space; 14 and 16 foot shuffleboard tables fall into this category. Many of our customers find that 16 feet makes for the best shuffleboard table for them. The 16' Playcraft™ Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is a well-known and highly popular model. If you are on a budget or don't have the space to fit the longest table available, a mid-sized one might be your smartest bet. It's all about how you intend to use it!

Venture 20 ft Shuffleboard Table for Sale For those who have the space, have a strong love for the game, and want to challenge themselves, a larger table will be the best option. 18, 20, or 22 foot tables feel about the same when it comes to playing the game. If you want a large table but don't need the full 22 foot tournament size, consider an 18 foot table. If you are already a member of the shuffleboard table community, or if you are working toward joining a competitive group, you may want to acquire a table that will be consistent with tournament standards.

According to the Table Shuffleboard Association's guidelines, the regulation size is 22 feet in length and 20 inches in width. With a 22 foot table in your home, you will have convenience and the time to practice for tournaments and improve your skills. However, a 20 foot table won't feel much different than the official size. This is a matter of available space and personal preference.

Best Shuffleboard Table Brands (Hathaway, Imperial, Venture, and Playcraft)

Once you know what length you want, consider the brand of the table. Our shuffleboard tables are crafted by four companies that are well recognized in the game table industry.

Hathaway Bowling Pin Set for Sale - Have even more fun with your shuffleboard table!Hathaway shuffleboard tables are among our most popular, and at Shuffleboard City they ship for free within the mainland USA. Hathaway is headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois and is widely known for providing shuffleboard tables that combine quality with a discounted price. Our Hathaway shuffleboard tables for sale vary in length from 7 to 14 feet. Not only does Hathaway have small to mid-size shuffleboards, they also manufacture shuffleboard accessories such as table covers, shuffleboard bowling pins, and weights. Shuffleboard table covers help protect and preserve the playing surface to ensure it lasts for years, and bowling pin sets add to the fun you can have. All of these Hathaway accessories are perfectly compatible with Hathaway shuffleboard tables. If you are looking for economical pricing and want the option to add accessories, a Hathaway will be the best shuffleboard table for you.

Reno Rustic 12' Shuffleboard Table for SaleHaving been in the game table business for decades, Imperial has the skill to design sturdy, reliable shuffleboard tables. Shuffleboard City carries one Imperial shuffleboard table. The 12' Reno Rustic has a rich wood stain and ships for free within the mainland USA complete with a full set of shuffleboard pucks, mounted scorers, shuffleboard powder, and a play-field brush.

Coin-Operated Shuffleboard Table for SaleVenture shuffleboard tables are known for being of the highest quality. This family-owned company has high standards for their products. Venture™ shuffleboard tables are crafted in Georgia, and each one has a butcher block playing surface that is covered by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Their tables range from 9 to 22 feet in length. While most of their shuffleboard tables for sale are designed for home use, Venture crafts commercial shuffleboard Georgetown Playcraft Shuffleboard for Saletables as well. For a high-caliber, well-crafted table, select one of our Venture shuffleboard tables.

Playcraft shuffleboard tables are our most popular models. Founded in 1975, Playcraft™ is perhaps the best recognized brand in the game table industry. They are headquartered in Connecticut and craft tables from 9 to 22 feet in length. Shuffleboard City also carries Playcraft accessories including scorers, table covers, shuffleboard bowling pins, and pucks that are compatible with our Playcraft tables.

Best Shuffleboard Table Models

Shuffleboard City has many different models of tables with styles that range from simple and classic to rustic to modern. Not only do we have a large selection, we have a Lowest Price Guarantee, have top-notch customer service, and offer a financing option.

Best Shuffleboard Tables: Hathaway ChallengerHathaway shuffleboards come in 5 different styles. The most popular is the Hathaway Challenger. The Challenger has a basic, traditional design with the tabletop supported by cabinets underneath. This model, like many others, comes in more than one attractive wood stain that will allow you to better match the table to the style of your home and your personal preferences.

Best Shuffleboard Tables: Venture WilliamsburgThe most favored Venture model is the Williamsburg. This design has a dark, rich wood stain that is beautifully contrasted by the lighter wood stain of the butcher block playing surface. Its cast iron legs and steel brackets are in the style of the industrial age. Venture's models span a large range of styles that better allow you to select the best shuffleboard table for you and your home.

Best Shuffleboard Tables: Playcraft WoodbridgeOne of the best known shuffleboard table models is the Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table. The Woodbridge is named after Playcraft's headquarters location in Woodbridge, Connecticut and is available in four different wood stains. Playcraft offers the largest selection of models that vary in color and table design.

While the Hathaway Challenger, Venture Williamsburg, and Playcraft Woodbridge are highly popular and some of Shuffleboard City's top picks, make sure to consider each aspect to choose the table that is best for you. For any questions about our tables, accessories, placing an order, or the shipping process, contact our customer service staff. They are ready and available to provide you with the information you need.