Top-Notch 7 Foot Shuffleboard Tables for Sale

High-Grade 7 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

If you would love to have a shuffleboard table in your home, but don't quite have the space for a larger table, a 7 foot shuffleboard table is the perfect solution. Shuffleboard City carries a select model of ricochet 7 ft shuffleboard table made by Hathaway - a respected name in the shuffleboard industry. The Hathaway Ricochet 7 ft Shuffleboard Table comes complete with a full set of red and blue shuffleboard pucks, shuffleboard powder, and a wooden brush for preparing the playing surface. Designed for entertaining and family fun, our 7 foot shuffleboard tables include 4 built in drink holders and an abacus scoring system. 

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Everything You Should Know About 7 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

Hathaway Ricochet Table for SaleThe 7 foot shuffleboard table is the smallest table available. Due to the shortened playing surface, our 7 foot shuffleboard tables are ricochet tables. Rather than having a scoring zone on each end of the table, there is only one scoring zone at the far end. Despite the smaller playing surface, this size table can still offer a challenge; the walls surrounding the butcher block surface are padded. If you use too much force to slide your puck down to the score zone, it could hit the bumpers and bounce back out. When playing with a 7 foot shuffleboard table, the same set of classic rules and scoring applies.

Hathaway 7 Foot Shuffleboard Tables for SaleThe ricochet 7 ft shuffleboard table is crafted by Hathaway. The company is respected in the game table business and is known for providing a quality product at a good price. The table is perfect for entertaining guests and children with its 4 included drink holders.

Ricochet Tables Ship with Free Shuffleboard WaxOur 7 foot shuffleboard tables also ship with shuffleboard powder (also called shuffleboard wax) and a wooden brush. These tools are important for preparing the butcher block playing surface and protecting it from wear. Before playing a new game, clear out the old shuffleboard wax using the brush, and sprinkle a new layer on. The wax helps the weights slide down the surface without too much friction. For more information about maintaining a shuffleboard table, visit our Buyer's Guide.